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Right Now The US Is Experiencing It's Greatest Risk Since 9/11...
Let's examine the shocking facts first...

Paris, Nov 13, 2015 - 128 souls died

San Bernardino, CA, Dec 3, 2015 - 14 souls die, the deadliest terror attack on US soil since 9/11

Brussels, March 22, 2016: 32 people perish

All of these attacks are being attributed directly to or "inspired by" the terrorist group called ISIS. 

When you hear the word terrorist what do you think? Do you envision an Osama Bin Laden type, a bearded, robed cave dweller tucked up into the hills of some far away desert like country? 

Do you think of a white supremacist type, a brooding Timothy McVeigh who’s willing to give it all up for the cause? Whatever your perception of terrorists are, realize that your view of them might be significantly out of date. 

In fact, what most Americans think of when they envision a terrorist is about 14 years out of date, and getting older by the minute. 

Why is it so important to have the proper mindset when thinking of – and identifying terrorists? 

Simple, really; you might be the very first person to come in contact with one! What if on 9/11 you were a passenger on one of the ill-fated flights, seated next to a quiet, Middle Easterner who would later in the flight produce a box cutter, kill the flight attendants, and hijack the plane? Would you have been able to identify this person while he was still an innocent passenger? If the answer is no, you need to read on! 

Today, almost 15 years after 9/11, the face of terrorism has changed permanently. Realize that terrorism and terrorist tactics are constantly changing and as such, so are the very people that perpetrate these crimes. 

Terrorists are being hunted by every government in the World, but they're not being caught. No, they just change, adapt and new terror groups pop up every month.

Groups like ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, for example, are the terrorists du jour nowadays. Just 2 years ago, most people thought ISIS was an Egyptian goddess, not a threat to the American way of life. 

Now, we are constantly exposed to frightening evening news videos of beheadings, towns being sacked, women being raped, and dissidents being crucified. 

ISIS does something that the terrorist groups before it didn’t. They are an adaptation, a refinement of Al Qaeda. Almost like a more powerful strain of the same virus.  

You cannot rely on the main stream media for information, nor can you rely on our Government to tell you the full truth.

No, you must understand these threats and know how to identify them and what to do once you have.

I’m Frank Mitchell, a proud member of the US Armed Forces and I’m going to show you how to see these new threats and protect yourself against them

Once the Paris attacks hit the news I knew one thing - I must share my knowledge with you. Knowledge and skills I've developed in my decades of training that simply aren't available to the average American citizen.

So I wrote it all down and created the Surviving ISIS, The Complete Terrorism Survival Guide for you. Surviving ISIS will become your single resource, the only thing you'll need to not only understand these new threats, but also protect yourself and your family from them.

Today you can claim a copy of the Surviving ISIS for FREE. 

Why am I giving this away for FREE? It's simple - you absolutely MUST have this information and the more Americans who have it the safer our entire country becomes.

A country of educated patriots is a country that can stand up for it's freedoms - a country that will not be ruled by terror.

Once you receive your copy of Surviving ISIS and crack it open you'll discover things like:
  • What is this "new threat" called ISIS - what are the motivations behind their ungodly actions? In order to protect yourself you must have a full understanding of the root of the true issue behind it.
  • How can these terrorists possibly claim to be "doing the work of their religion?" Again, you must understand the history of the issues at large in order to keep yourself, your family and country safe from these incarnations of evil...
  • How has ISIS grown so powerful (with billions of dollars in the bank) in such a short time?  The reasons are shocking - be prepared...
  • On page 25 you'll see the disturbing truth of how the US is much to blame for the release of the ISIS leader from captivity. Yes, WE let him go!
  • What countries are "havens" for ISIS groups - some of the most peaceful seeming countries in the World contain some of the largest concentrations of terrorist recruits. You'll learn this on page 28.
  • How to identify a terrorist hiding in plain sight. You'll learn the 7 top signs that someone may be a terrorist in hiding, planning an attack on page 39...
  • And so much more lifesaving information is packed into the easy to read Surviving ISIS...

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